Fragrance of the Soul III – March 2018

A morning of fun, bonding and inspiration! This was our social morning for Mizan students

Posted by Mizan Institute on Thursday, 22 March 2018

Dawrah year, IT software Test Manager

Being part of this life changing experience is something that cannot be translated into words, just like the Quraan in English cannot do Justice to the true beauty of Arabic. As a student and a career woman, mom and wife it’s not always an easy to juggle. There’s been times when giving up was an…


Lutfiyya – 1st Year Student

I went to a muslim school from SubA so I do have an Islamic background but Darun Naim has been nothing compared to it. I’m originally from PE so we didn’t have much schools or programs such as this, or maybe none that I knew about. Darun Naim has changed my life. May Allah reward…