Recommended Reading


This page contains recommending reading for the course as well as general recommending reading:

Gateway to Arabic: A book to learn and improve your Arabic writing. This book has excellent exercises to learn to write in Arabic from the very beginning. I recommend that all students print out the book work your way through the exercises:

Download:  GateWay to Arabic Book 1

Download: GateWay to Arabic Book 2

Download: GateWay to Arabic Book 3

Way to the Quran: An excellent book on undertaking the journey to the Quran.

Download: Way to the Quran

In the Early Hours: One of the best introductions to spiritual and self-development. A must-read for all!

Download: In the Early Hours

Hans Wehr Dictionary: The essential companion for any English speaking Arabic student. Note that a fully searchable version is available for download or online use at:  This one is quicker to use than the one below.

Quran Hive: An excellent website and app for various tafsirs in English:

Corpus Quran: An amazing website filled with many valuable tools to assist any student of the Quran. Please see