Mizan Online 2020

Welcome to the Mizan Online Evening Program


Daily Online Quran Education!

Stay connected during the national Lockdown period with our daily LIVE lessons presented online.


Starting: Monday 30 March 2020

Time: 8:30pm every evening


  • Ml Yazeed Mohamed
  • Ml Muaadth Allie
  • Ml Abdullah Forbes
  • Ml Khalil Hendricks
  • Sh Ismail Londt
  • Ml Zakariyya Harnekar
  • Ml Muhammad Carr



How to follow the LIVE program?

Tune-in at 8:30pm daily!

Search for Mizan Institute on Facebook, YouTube or Mixlr


Watch the LIVE Video Stream

Follow us to be notified as soon as we go LIVE! All sessions will be video-streamed live on the Mizan Institute Facebook page and YouTube channel here:

Facebook: facebook.com/MizanInstituteSA

Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCsct8OmSyc6wJN7xdr6UMVQ


Listen to the LIVE Audio Stream

Download the Mixlr App on your smartphone and follow the Mizan Institute channel here:

Mixlr: mixlr.com/MizanInstitute

Daily Evening Program:

An extensive and inspirational program featuring all of your favourite Mizan presenters.

Day Time Session Presenter
Monday 8:30pm Quran Study: Surah al-Najm Ml Yazeed Mohamed
Tuesday 8:30pm The Sciences of The Quran Ml Muaadth Allie
Wednesday 8:30pm Memorise and Understand Surah al-Infitaar Ml Abdullah Forbes
Thursday 8:30pm His Beautiful Names in The Qur’an Ml Khalil Hendricks
Friday 8:30pm The Prophetic Story Sh Ismail Londt
Saturday 8:30pm Quran Study: Surah al-Hadid Ml Zakariyya Harnekar
Sunday 8:30pm Quran Study: Surah al-Qamar Ml Muhammad Carr

View all Lockdown Lesson Recordings

Catch up with all lessons in our Knowledge Hub

Video recordings of all lessons are available on our Knowledge Hub page here: mizan.co.za/knowledge-hub

Find out about our Sunday Morning Arabic Intensive sessions here: mizan.co.za/arabiconline