Programme Details:

Date: Friday 22 April 2022 (after Asr) – End Ramadān
Venue: Al-Jaamia Masjid, Stegman Road, Claremont

Note that the daily programmes are open to the general public, male and female without registration required.

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Time Session Presenter
5:00am Suhur
6:00am Fajr
6:25am Morning Du’a
6:45am Virtues and essentials of worship Ml Yahyah Mahdi
7:30am Surah Yaseen
7:40am Salaah Duhaa
7:50am Rest/Personal Time
13:00 Thuhr
13:30 Athkaar
13:40 Paradigms of Leadership Ml Muhammad Carr
14:10 Rest/Personal Time
15:00 Stretches and light exercise Coach Waleed and Ibrahim
15:20 Quran by heart – Collective memorisation of S. Qiyamah Ml Abdullah Forbes
15:50 Asr
16:30 Hadith study on spiritual wayfaring to Allah Ml Zakariyyah Harnekar
17:10 Personal Quran Reading/ Du’a Time
18:10 Collective Evening Du’as
18:20 Maghrib and Supper
19:30 Esha
19:50 Taraweeh
21:15 Taraweeh ends
21:30 Tea/Snack Break
22:15 The Sea without Shore – Quran Reflections on Surah al-Sajdah Ml Khalil Hendricks
23:00 Remembrance Together (Thikr & Dua)
02:30  – 5:00 Qiyam al-Layl (Full Khatam)

Session 1: 02:30 to 4:00 – off-mic – open to males only

Session 2: 04:00 to 5:00 – on-mic – open to males and females

Ml Saalim Peck

Programme Resources

Itikaaf etiquettes: Itikaaf etiquettes

Mizan Daily Devotions Handbook (morning and evening duahs): Daily Devotions

Essentials of Islam (After Fajr Lesson): Essentials of Islam. 

Wayfaring to Allah – Hadith Study (After Asr)