Mizan Institute - Beginner’s Introduction to Quranic Arabic


A Beginner’s Introduction to Quranic Arabic

Part 1: Arabic Essentials
Starting: Sunday 31 January 2021 inshaAllah

An interactive short course using a tried and tested methodology aimed at the complete beginner with no Arabic background.



9-Week Sunday Online Course


Dates: 31 Jan to 28 Mar 2021
Time: 9am to 12pm
Venue: Online


Full access to LIVE interactive online classes, course material and recordings:

Arabic Grammar Study

  • Types of words in Arabic
  • Components of an Arabic word

Morphology Study

  • The Past & Present Tense Verb
  • Root Letters & Extra Letters

Language Development Study

  • Arabic Reader Introduction
  • Quran Surah Study


Full Course Fee – 9 Lessons:

SA students: R750 (if able to afford)
International students: $50 payable via PayPal*

*Please contact our admin to receive a payment request.

Course Fee includes digital (soft copy) course material.


Course Facilitators:

Ml Khalil Hendricks
Director of Mizan Institute, InLight Foundation and GoodTree Elementary
Graduate of Dar al-Ulum al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah (DUAI)
BBusSc (UCT)

Ml Zakariyya Harnekar
Graduate and Teacher at DUAI
BBusSc (UCT)


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