A Beginner’s Introduction to Quranic Arabic

Part 1: Arabic Essentials
Starting: Sunday 23 January 2022 inshaAllah

An interactive short course using a tried and tested methodology aimed at the complete beginner with no Arabic background.


10-Week Sunday Online Course
Join our first 2 lessons for free to assess if the course is for you!


Dates: 23 Jan to 27 Mar 2022

Time: 8:30am to 11:45am

In-Class: Mountview Mosque, Warden Crescent, Mountview, Cape Town, South Africa

Online: Live via Zoom with all recordings accessible for self-paced learning


Full access to LIVE interactive online classes, course material and recordings:

Arabic Grammar Study

  • Types of words in Arabic
  • Components of an Arabic word

Morphology Study

  • The Past & Present Tense Verb
  • Root Letters & Extra Letters

Language Development Study

  • Arabic Reader Introduction
  • Quran Surah Study


Full Course Fee – 10 Lessons:

SA students: R800 (if able to afford)
International students: $50. Payment via PayPal*

*Please contact our admin to receive a payment request.

Course Fee includes digital (soft copy) course material.


Course Facilitators:

Ml Khalil Hendricks
Director of Mizan Institute, InLight Foundation and GoodTree Elementary
Graduate of Dar al-Ulum al-Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah (DUAI)
BBusSc (UCT)

Ml Zakariyya Harnekar
Graduate and Teacher at DUAI
BBusSc (UCT)

Ml Muhammad Carr
Graduate and Teacher at DUAI
Studied Arabic in Syria

Ml Yazeed Mohamed
Graduate of DUAI

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